Creative Social

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The creative social is a friendly gathering among adults who wish to participate in an art session.  The third Thursday of every month, Art Box hosts a creative social open to the public.  This means that guests might be partaking in a DIY craft workshop, such as bookmaking or candle making, or they might be participating in a more technical art lesson, such as fundamentals of still life painting or figure drawing.  Our creative socials are constantly changing, so be sure to check back every month to see what we are offering!  Because we have limited capacity in our studio, we ask that all guests RSVP.
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The creative socials we host at Art Box offer insightful and innovative lessons and workshops.  These private events are geared towards those who wish to spend a few hours out of their day with either friends, loved ones, family, or co-workers collectively learning a new craft and creating art in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere.  Guests will have our entire studio space reserved for themselves and will have the chance to select their favorite workshop out of several we have to offer.  They will also have the option to bring their own refreshments to enjoy throughout the course of the workshop.  Whether it be a birthday party, a baby shower, an office party, or just a gathering among friends, our creative socials are perfect for any occasion.