Kids ages: 5-12
Session: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
  • monday

    Fashion design, graphic design, and even food design are just some of the areas covered in these workshops. We believe that any creative work can be considered a form of art, and so we provide these basic arts and crafts activities so that the kids may have an opportunity to express their artistic creativity through the realm of design.

  • tuesday
    contemporary art

    The kids learn about contemporary artists who have made an impact on the modern art world. These workshops consist of creating art projects inspired by these artists’ styles and subject matter.

  • wednesday
    art history

    The kids are introduced to some of history’s most influential artists and their contribution to the art world. Whether it is Dali’s surrealism or Van Gogh’s impressionism, the kids will practice implementing these artist’s styles and techniques into their own unique masterpieces.

  • thursday
    art around the world

    The kids learn about different cultures from around the world and how traditional art varies in every country. From Chinese lanterns to Australian aboriginal paintings, the kids will be having fun making these amazing projects to take home with them.